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Open Projects

Project Name Budget Completion Institution
West Campus Dining Facility $234 million (All Phases) Spring 2020 UT Knoxville
West Campus Housing Phase III $234 million (All Phases) January 2019 UT Knoxville
Volunteer Boulevard Phase II $5,025,000 Fall 2017 & Winter 2018 UT Knoxville
Ken and Blaire Mossman Building $96,000,000 Fall 2018 UT Knoxville
New Lake Avenue Parking Garage $18,000,000 Fall 2018 UT Knoxville
Student Union $167,000,000 Spring 2019 UT Knoxville
UT Tennis Stadium Improvements $4,700,000 February 2018
(Phase II)
UT Athletics
Project Name Budget Completion Institution
Sophronia Strong Hall $114,000,000 Spring 2017 UT Knoxville
Stokely Family Residence Hall $94,300,000 January 2017 UT Housing
Stokely/Gibbs Site Parking Garage $38,000,000 August 2016 UT Knoxville
West Campus Redevelopment $234 million
(All Phases)
Fall 2016
(Phase I)
UT Housing
Volunteer Blvd. Phase I $4,335,000 Winter 2016 UT Knoxville
Support Services $18,722,000 Spring 2016 UT Knoxville
Steam Plant Conversion $25,000,000 Summer 2016 UT Knoxville
Circle Park Project 1,200,000 Sept. 2015 UT
Fred Brown Residence Hall 59,000,000 Aug. 2014 UT Housing
11th St. Bridge Maintenance Aug. 2015 UT
Estabrook Quad   Aug. 2015 UT
Cumberland and 17th St. 1,950,000 Sept. 2014 UT
Henson Hall July 2015 UT
Blueberry Falls Extension June 2015 UT
Ayres Hall/The Hill Improvements April 2015 UT

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