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Staff Directory

Facilities Services "One Call": (865) 946-7777
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Associate Vice Chancellor Dave Irvin 974-2178
Senior Administrative Services Assistant Beth Atkins 974-2178

Director (Facilities Operations) Bob Caudill 974-4685
Director (Zone Maintenance) Terry Ledford 406-1736
Director (Utility Services) Roy Warwick 974-7768
Director (Design) Andy Powers 599-3254
Director (Construction) Tim Tomlinson 771-0546
Director (Admin & Support Services) Sheree Spoons 974-8160
Director (Archibus - Administration) Leo Pedigo 974-2391
Director (Communications & Info Services) Kevin Garland 974-4009

Administrative & Support Services Director - Sheree Spoons  
  -Office Manager Richard Johnson 974-7794
  -Administrative Support Assistant Amanda Ruelle 974-6669
  -Accounting Assistant (Payroll) Arlene Williams 974-3146
  -Accounting Assistant (Invoicing) Mitzi Prowell 974-7131
  -Administrative Support Assistant    Amy Miller 974-7790
  -Administrative Support Assistant (Work Orders) Ann Free 946-7777
  -Maintenance Service Dispatcher (Night Dispatch) Tom Harbin 974-2158

Administrative Support Pool    
  -Administrative Support Assistant (Special Projects) Sherrill Cox 974-2176
  -Administrative Support Assistant (Electrical Services) Lisa Hayes 974-2505
  -Administrative Support Assistant (A/C & Plumbing Services) Nikki Woolsey 974-3478
  -Administrative Support Assistant (Construction & Design Services) Christy Couch

Air Conditioning Services Director - Roy Warwick  
  -General Superintendent Wally Beets  974-7776
  -Senior Craft Specialist (Building Control Maintenance) Steve Costner 974-0716
  -A/C Foreman (Maintenance & Operations) Ken Wolfenbarger 974-8167
  -A/C Foreman (Maintenance & Operations) David Ridings 974-3478
  -A/C Foreman (Cooling Towers) Tim Brooks 974-3478
  -Stock Clerk James King 974-4344

Archibus - Administration Director - Leo Pedigo  
  -Administrative Support Assistant    Veronica Huff 974-2391

Building Finishes Director - Bob Caudill  
  -General Superintendent  vacant 974-6669
  -Supervisor Mac Chamberlain 974-7764
  -Carpentry Foreman (Maintenance Carpentry) Dale Abernathy 974-6669
  -Carpentry Foreman (Maintenance Carpentry) Timothy Matthews 974-6669
  -Painting Foreman (Maintenance Painting) Ronald Couch 974-6669

Building Services Director - Bob Caudill  
  -Assistant Director Gordon Nelson 974-5107
  -Administrative Support Assistant Emily Tackett 974-5107
  -Manager (Recycling) Jay Price 974-3480
  -Supervisor (Arena) Sandra Britt 974-5107
  -Coordinator (Alumni Memorial Building) Sherri Satterfield 974-2200
  -Service Supervisor (Athletics) Marie Lemons 974-5107
  -Service Supervisor Robert Demonbrun 974-5107
  -Service Supervisor Al Henriquez 974-5107
  -Service Supervisor Jessica Hurt 974-5107
  -Service Supervisor Angela Jones 974-5107
  -Service Supervisor Christopher Mahoney 974-5107
  -Service Supervisor Deborah Miolen 974-5107
  -Service Supervisor Sheena Rhea 974-5107
  -Service Supervisor Ashley Savage Gilliam 974-5107
  -Service Supervisor Sandra Slusser 974-5107

Communications & Information Services Director - Kevin Garland  
Office of Sustainability:    
  -Manager Preston Jacobsen  974-7780
  -Outreach Coordinator Elizabeth Boehmer  974-2604
Communications/Public Relations:    
  -Coordinator Brooke Krempa  974-7782
IT Support & Maintenance:    
  -Sr. IT Technologist II Jim McCarter  974-7784
  -IT Technologist II Brock Ellis  974-2635
Employee Training & Development:    
  -Coordinator Keisha Gracius  974-2510
  -Training Specialist  vacant 974-2387
  -Training Specialist Charles Farley  974-6427

Construction Director - Tim Tomlinson  
Construction Team (In-House):    
  -General Superintendent Roger McDonald 705-9994
  -Construction Foreman Michael Duncan 974-5020
  -Construction Foreman Michael Musselman 974-5020
Construction Project Management:    
  -Project Manager (Architect) Darcy Rathjen  
  -General Superintendent David Bryan 406-6923
  -Project Coordinator Mark Henegar 974-6153
  -Project Coordinator Danny Pritchard 974-2932
  -Project Coordinator George McGhee 974-4468
  -Project Coordinator Wes Hinshaw 974-4484
  -Project Coordinator Randall Huelsman 974-4474
  -Project Coordinator Richard Caldwell 974-4478
  -Project Coordinator Bryan Lord 974-4472
  -Project Coordinator (Estimation) Jeff Barnes 974-3406
  -Project Coordinator (Estimation) Dean Wessels 974-5890
Design Director - Andy Powers  
Project Management:    
  -Project Manager (Architect Designer) Bill Pace 974-9384
  -Project Manager (Architect) Keith Downen 974-7759
  -Project Manager (Architect) David Crigger 755-3314
  -Project Manager (Architect) Mark Powell 806-0001
  -Project Manager (Mechanical Engineer) Dan Smith 974-8174
  -Project Manager (Civil Engineer) Fran West 617-5342
  -Project Manager (Storm Water Engineer) Garrett Ferry 805-9729
  -Project Coordinator (Architect) Justin Dothard 805-2549
  -Project Coordinator (Architect) Teresita Hegarty 404-980-1371
  -Project Coordinator (Interior Design) Tiffany Shuler 974-5487
Codes Enforcement:    
  -Manager  vacant 806-0001
  -Codes Inspector  vacant  
Archives/Space Inventory:    
  -Archiver Tiffanie Casteel 974-7756
  -Sr. Drafter Barbara King 974-0096

Electrical Services Director - Roy Warwick  
  -General Superintendent Cesar Penalba 974-7769
  -Electrician Foreman (Electrical Maintenance) Radovan Psar 974-9223
  -Electrician Foreman (High Voltage Maintenance) Guy Bayless, Jr. 974-9223
  -Electrician Foreman (Fire Alarm & Security System Maintenance) Michael Tackett 974-7767

Facilities Stores (Supply Warehousing) Director - Sheree Spoons  
  -Supervisor Ed Maples 974-4344
  -Data Integrity Clerk Melissa Leek 974-7738
  -Buyer Tom Anderson 974-5514
  -Buyer Luther Holloway 974-0532
  -Buyer Tony Lawson 974-7737
  -Front Counter   974-7734

Landscape Response Team (LRT) Director - Andy Powers  
  -Landscape Architect, LLA Ted Murphy 974-2178
  -Project Manager Bethany Morris 974-7760

Landscape Services Director - Bob Caudill  
  -Assistant Director Jason Cottrell 974-3486
  -Administrative Support Assistant Jeaneen Smith 974-3486
  -Supervisor (Heavy Equipment) Harley Finley 974-3486
  -Supervisor Larry Stalans  974-3486
  -Foreman Willie Battle  974-3486
  -Foreman Jacob Capps  974-3486
  -Foreman Kim Gregg  974-3486
  -Foreman Dennis McGhee  974-3486
  -Foreman Nathan Ownby  974-3486
  -Foreman Keith Scott  974-3486
  -Foreman Jason Smith  974-3486
  -Foreman Donald Taylor  974-3486

Lock & Key Services Director - Bob Caudill  
  -Foreman Chris Blair 974-2051
  -Administrative Support Assistant Stacey Cooper 974-4371

Plumbing & Heating Director - Roy Warwick  
  -General Superintendent Wes Willoughby 771-0467
  -Foreman Dwight Beckham 974-3401
  -Foreman Jeff Miller 974-3401
  -Foreman Todd Curnutt 974-3401

Rapid Response Team (RRT) Director - Bob Caudill  
  -General Superintendent Dennis Lee 974-7748
  -Supervisor Phillip Standifer 974-5107
  -Sr RRT Member Robert Hopkins 974-5107
  -Sr RRT Member Brickey Hearon 974-5107

Safety & Sanitation Director - Bob Caudill  
  -Superintendent Randy Hamilton 974-8161

Special Team to Assist Research (STAR) Director - Terry Ledford  
  -General Superintendent Derek Bailey 659-6377
  -Sr Star Team Member Mark Wagner 659-6377
  -Sr Star Team Member Theresa Furbush 659-6377

Steam Plant Director - Roy Warwick  
  -General Superintendent Darryl Ford 974-2476
  -Administrative Support Assistant Ethel Brown 974-2476
  -Craft Supervisor Jackie Summey 974-2476
  -General Maintenance Supervisor Tommy Oakley 974-2476

Utility Services Director - Roy Warwick  
  -Accounts Payable Specialist (Billing) Tracy Ridings 974-2415

Zone Maintenance Director - Terry Ledford  
  -Assistant Director David Cash 256-1732
  -Assistant Director Barry Mitchell 705-7627
  -Administrative Support Assistant Hazel Norris 974-5346
  -Foreman (Athletics) Gene Llewellyn 974-5346
  -Foreman (Dining Halls) Samuel Webb 974-5346
  -Foreman (Residence Halls) John Seivers 974-5346
  -Foreman Dewayne Doane 974-5346
  -Foreman Robert Frick 974-5346
  -Foreman Everett Hanley 974-5346
  -Foreman George Hutchins 974-5346
  -Foreman Richard Hutsell 974-5346
  -Foreman Harls McHone 974-5346
  -Foreman Eric Poe 974-5346
  -Foreman Johnny Waggoner 974-5346

FAX Numbers    
  -Administration 974-7786  
  -Administrative & Support Services 974-4213  
  -Central Supply 974-3197; 974-7735
  -Construction Managment 974-3535  
  -Design & Construction 974-7686  
  -Facilities Operations 974-3375  
  -Landscape Services 974-3375  
  -Lock & Key Services 974-1933  


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