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Employee of the Month

Nomination Form

All Facilities Services Employees are eligible for the Employee of the Month award after one(1) month of service with the department. Nominees must have demonstrated one or more of the following criteria (listed below). Specific examples from each marked criterion must be provided for the nominee to be considered.

Nomination deadlines are one(1) week before the last business day of each month. Forms can be returned to Brooke Krempa in Facilities room 203, or can be deposited in the employee comment box.

Forms cannot be anonymous. The name of the person submitting the nomination must be included for the nominee to be considered.

Please fill in the form below to nominate an employee for the Employee of the Month Award.

Person Nominated: 

Your Name (required): 

Reason(s) -- please check all that apply followed with specific examples:
 Initiative - personal initiative displayed by employee to better serve Facilities Services or the University.
      Specific Example(s):

 Great Idea(s) - made suggestions or had ideas that increased efficiency or created a cost savings in the work area.
      Specific Example(s):

 Customer/Co-worker Relations - responded to customers and/or general public in warm, courteous mannter (creating a positive image for the department). Worked well with co-workers, often motivating them or mediating when problems arose.
      Specific Example(s):

 Above & Beyond - selfless or courageous acts while on the job.
      Specific Example(s):

 Training - sought out further training opportunities and completed a specific certification, degree, or other structured program.
      Specific Example(s):

 Leadership - stepped up beyond regular duties to take charge of a situation or emergency; demonstrated honest and ethical behavior, as well as good judgement while accepting responsibility for work and situation outcome.
      Specific Example(s):

 Work Area Goals & Objectives - successfully completed a milestone for the department, work area, or work team.
      Specific Example(s):

 Flexibility/Adaptability - displayed presence of mind and calmness during a high stress period.
      Specific Example(s):

 Inclusiveness - showed respect for people and their differences; promoted fairness and equity; engaged the talents, experiences, and capabilities of others; fostered a sense of belonging; worked to understand the perspectives of others.
      Specific Example(s):

 Other - showed some other outstanding aspect during the month (to be filled in by individual making nomination).
      Specific Example(s):


For more information contact:
Communications Coordinator 
Facilities Services
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