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Our Department is responsible for the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of the Main and Agricultural campuses of the University of Tennessee. We currently maintain approximately 260 buildings, containing almost 15,820,000 gross square feet of space; 556 acres; 5 miles of University-owned streets and 7 1/2 miles of City-owned streets within the campus boundaries; 33 miles of sidewalks and plazas; a University-owned electrical distribution system which annually provides over 225 megawatt hours of power to University buildings; and a University-owned Central Steam Plant with one natural gas and three coal fired boilers with a distribution system which annually produces over one-half billion pounds of steam for heating purposes.

The Facilities Services Department welcomes suggestions for ways in which services can be provided more efficiently and for additional services which might be provided. Such suggestions should be made to the Associate Vice Chancellor of the Facilities Services Department.