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Employee Recognition

The Facilities Services Department currently maintains two employee recognition programs: Employee of the Month and Exceptional Team Award. You can find out more information about each of these programs and the recipients under the headings below.

  • Mike Musselman
  • Steve Kopp
  • Charlotte Clabough
  • Ashley Savage Gilliam
  • Arthur Tezak
  • Veronica Huff
  • Emma Jean Allred
  • Donnie Carden
  • Jacob Capps
  • Ron Gibson
  • Mike Tackett
  • Dean Wessels
  • Bethany Morris
  • Elizabeth Thomas
  • Amy Miller
  • Brooke Krempa

Employee of the Month

January 2017 Recipient: Mike Musselman

Congratulations to Mike Musselman who was named Facilities Service Employee of the Month for January 2017.

Mike is recognized for his willingness to do whatever is necessary to complete construction projects including coming in early and staying late while working side-by-side with his crew. His crew holds a deep respect for him because they know Mike will never ask them to do something that he would not do himself.

He is a self-starter who is always preparing for the next day’s work, has jobs planned out days in advance and is ready for his personnel to begin and complete projects. Mike is a quiet and very reserved person who is always calm and cool about projects. He very fluid and excels at moving from one job to the next seamlessly.

The construction unit of the Facilities Services Department receives many compliments about Mike’s work citing his eye for detail, the craftsmanship he exhibits on the job, and his patience working hand-in-hand with his personnel.

Mike continually plans work around the university’s schedule. Many times he will schedule projects at 5 a.m. to not disturb classes or research.

He always steps up and take control of all of the projects he is assigned to and is more than willing to help other units throughout the university. Mike exhibits exemplary leadership skills and is well respected by his peers for his dedication, training, experience, and can-do attitude.

All of our Employee of the Month recipients can be found on the Facilities Services Facebook Page. You can submit your nomination for employee of the month by using the online form or downloadable PDF.

Exceptional Team Award

The Exceptional Team Award is presented to a Facilities Services team whose performance has extended beyond expectations and has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to help achieve the University’s mission.

A team can be designated as a particular subunit or unit, portion of a subunit/unit, or a combination of employees from a number of subunits/units.

Anyone can nominate a Facilities Services Exceptional Team. You can submit your nomination for Exceptional Team by using the online form or downloadable PDF.

All of our Exceptional Team Award recipients can be found on the Facilities Services Facebook Page.

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