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Building Reps

Building representatives for campus facilities provide an essential communications link between building users, Facilities Services, the institutional space and facilities function, and the campus' central administration.

In buildings in which space is assigned to several units, building representatives are encouraged to identify a small advisory group to assist in problem identification/resolution and information dissemination. The building representative serves as the avenue for notification of building occupants about special or emergency situations, advises the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Services on matters related to custodial service and maintenance needs, and helps to ensure that the University's Facilities Database correctly reflects assignment of space.

A list of building representatives and their home telephone numbers is included in the University's emergency plan, in case an emergency occurs during non-business hours. Home telephone numbers are not otherwise distributed. Student groups that wish to sell or distribute items in or on the grounds of University buildings are, under the policy of the Office of the Dean of Students, required to obtain permission so to do from the building representative before the Dean of Students' Office will approve the activity. The University's fiscal policies and procedures require that no other type of sale, distribution, or solicitation may be conducted within or on the grounds of University facilities without the express permission of the Chief Business Officer.

Building representatives are senior faculty or administrators. A senior support employee is also often named as a secondary contact, in case the building representative is unavailable. In buildings whose function is wholly or predominantly academic, the building representative is appointed by the dean whose college is assigned the preponderance of space within the facility, with the concurrence of other deans whose units have space assigned within the facility. The appropriate dean, vice chancellor or vice president appoints building representatives for administrative and auxiliary buildings.

Building representatives are appointed in the Fall, and a general update of the listing of Building Representatives available through the Facilities Services website is subsequently made. The website information is additionally updated as modifications and corrections are received by Facilities Services.

The Facilities Services Department welcomes suggestions for ways in which services can be provided more efficiently and for additional services which might be provided. Such suggestions should be made to the Associate Vice Chancellor of the Facilities Services Department.


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