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Suggestions: The Facilities Services Department welcomes suggestions for ways in which services can be provided more efficiently and for additional services which might be provided. Such suggestions should be made to our Associate Vice Chancellor at 974-2178 or

Building Inspections: Facilities Services personnel conduct periodic inspections of all campus buildings and spaces within them to identify minor and major items requiring improvement and to ensure compliance with a variety of codes and standards. Facilities Services service items are routinely corrected and the Building Representative is notified of any items which need to be corrected by building occupants.

A complete list of Building Representatives can be found at: If you have concerns for buildings other than those listed, please contact our Associate Vice Chancellor at 974-2178 or

Complaints: In any operation as large and diverse as the Facilities Services Department, mistakes and oversights will occur. The Facilities Services exercises quality control procedures in all its operations, but when mistakes or oversights do occur, please contact our Associate Vice Chancellor at 974-2178 or All such reports are taken seriously and investigated, not only to correct the current problem, but to avoid subsequent similar occurrences.