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Open Projects

Under Construction

Project Name Budget Completion Institution
West Campus Dining Facility $234 million (All Phases) Spring 2020 UT Knoxville
West Campus Housing Phase III $234 million (All Phases) January 2019 UT Knoxville
Volunteer Boulevard Phase II $5,025,000 Fall 2017 & Winter 2018 UT Knoxville
Ken and Blaire Mossman Building $96,000,000 Fall 2018 UT Knoxville
New Lake Avenue Parking Garage $18,000,000 August 2017 UT Knoxville
Student Union $167,000,000 Spring 2018 UT Knoxville
UT Tennis Stadium Improvements $4,700,000 February 2018 (Phase II) UT Athletics


Project Name Budget Completion Institution
Sophronia Strong Hall $114,000,000 Spring 2017 UT Knoxville
Stokely Family Residence Hall $94,300,000 January 2017 UT Housing
Stokely/Gibbs Site Parking Garage $38,000,000 August 2016 UT Knoxville
West Campus Redevelopment $234 million (All Phases) Fall 2016 (Phase I) UT Housing
Volunteer Blvd. Phase I $4,335,000 Winter 2016 UT Knoxville
Support Services $18,722,000 Spring 2016 UT Knoxville
Steam Plant Conversion $25,000,000 Summer 2016 UT Knoxville
Circle Park Project $1,200,000 Sept. 2015 UT
Fred Brown Residence Hall $59,000,000 Aug. 2014 UT Housing
11th St. Bridge Maintenance Aug. 2015 UT
Estabrook Quad Aug. 2015 UT
Cumberland and 17th St. $1,950,000 Sept. 2014 UT
Henson Hall July 2015 UT
Blueberry Falls Extension June 2015 UT
Ayres Hall/The Hill Improvements April 2015 UT

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