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Circuit 1 Buildings

Morrill Hall 1038 20th Street
Transportation Services 1201 UT Drive
Reese Hall 1910 Caledonia Avenue
Carrick Hall North 1021 Frances Street
Humes Hall 1911 Andy Holt Avenue
Facilities Services Utilities Maintenance Building 2233 Volunteer Boulevard
Student Aquatic Center 2106 Andy Holt Avenue
Sports Bubble 1920 Andy Holt Avenue
Parking Garage – Holt and Volunteer G-7 2401 Volunteer Boulevard
Facilities Services and Operations Building 2233 Volunteer Boulevard
Facilities Services Maintenance Shops and Warehouse 2233 Volunteer Boulevard
Tom Black Track Pressbox 2 1809 Volunteer Boulevard
Reese Hall Chiller 1910 Caledonia Avenue
Presidential Court 1017 Frances Street
Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Building 1914 Andy Holt Avenue
Tom Black Track Facilities Building 1809 Volunteer Blvd
Presidential Fire Pump Building
Carrick Hall South 1023 Frances Street
Tom Black Track Storage Building 1809 Volunteer Blvd
Tom Black Track Pressbox 1809 Volunteer Blvd
TRECS Storage Building Holt Blvd
Student Recreational and Fitness Center 2211 Volunteer Blvd