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Circuit 8 Buildings

Plant Sciences Annex B 2420 Fletcher Luck Lane
Animal Science Laboratory 2429 Fletcher Luck Lane
Greenhouse #13 2426 E J Chapman Drive
North Greenhouse 2428 E J Chapman Drive
UT Gardens Support 2427 Fletcher Luck Lane
South Greenhouse 2514 Jacob Drive
Business Incubator 2450 E J Chapman Drive
Greenhouse #10 2426 E J Chapman Drive
Greenhouse #15 (Hydroponic) 2412 E J Chapman Drive
Greenhouse Quonset (Plastic) Luck Lane
Greenhouse #14 (Plastic) 2414 E J Chapman Drive
CRC – Material Science and Technology Unit 2506 Jacob Drive
CRC – Bioenergy Science and Technology Unit 2500 Jacob Drive
Environment & Landscape Laboratory 2512 Jacob Drive
Bealle Rose Garden Gazebo
Crops Genetic Laboratory 2644 Morgan Circle Drive
Veterinary Teaching Hospital 2407 River Drive
Publications and Services Building 2412 Fletcher Luck Lane
Greenhouse #16 (Plastic) 2410 E J Chapman Drive
Shade House (25X64) 2416 E J Chapman Drive
Forest Genetics Greenhouse (17) 2408 E J Chapman Drive
Plant Propagation Building 2405 Fletcher Luck Lane
Central Greenhouse 2402 E J Chapman Drive
Laboratory Animal Facility 1532 Cherokee Trail