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UT Facilities Services values your feedback. We strongly believe that we can become an even better team by building upon the ideas of our teammates in a respectful, purposeful way. The online suggestion box is one of many tools we use to gain insight and receive input in an anonymous way. Your name, title, and contact information are not shared with anyone. As such, we ask that you refrain from the use of profanity, direct attacks against individuals, hate speech or offensive language. We reserve the right to remove any suggestion with inappropriate content, and such comments will be not be featured in the history section. The online suggestion tool allows all Facilities Services Vols the chance to be heard. Please consider how your words affect others when posting.
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One way to reduce carbon and pollution from internal combustion engines is eliminate unnecessary idling. Are employees who drive UT vehicles given training in this regard? Today I observed a UT truck on White behind strong idling for several minutes. I'm guessing this is not an isolated incident.
Admin Reply:
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Facilities Services employees are instructed to not leave vehicles idling unnecessarily. We have provided a reminder to all of our staff to this effect.
I was wondering if we could get a couple of benches outside our Min H. Kao building on each side of the main entrance on Middle Drive to dress up the outside of our building. Also, maybe a bench just up the street between the two bicycle racks would be nice to have a bench there too. Thanks for all you all do!
Admin Reply:
Hi, Thanks so much for taking the time to make a suggestion! It's evident that you care about campus, and we appreciate your investment. I'm going to pass along your comment to our Landscape Architecture team (along with your email address) so they can respond.
I almost fell off my bike near the Torchbearer statue - where the Peyton Manning Pass joins the Circle Park Drive because the road was abruptly scrapped off (in order to lay a new road I'm assuming) - There was no signs of warning about this. This might seem trvival to a car - but for bikes and motorcyclees - this is a big deal as we tend to lose balance if the road is not proper - can you please keep a sign over there? Thanks
Admin Reply:
We're sorry to hear about this! We'll pass your comment along to Parking Services and/or Knox Co Public Works to make sure this is brought to their attention.
When the extension to the pedestrian walkway was being constructed the signage for Temple Hall was removed and hasn't been replaced yet. Will there be a new Temple Hall sign going up for the Herbarium and HITS Lab? It would be especially helpful for visitors coming to both these spaces if there was a sign out front telling them they're at the right building. Thanks for all the work on campus you folks do!
Admin Reply:
Hi, Installing the signage is in the works. I'm happy to send you a PDF showing the location of the installation if you'd like! - Admin
The outside elevator buttons on the ground floor of McClung Tower do not seem to be working. I have tried to use them a few times over the last week but eventually had to take the stairs after waiting a length of time.
Admin Reply:
Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. The issue was addressed the same day your comment was received.