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Volunteers First Impressions

2019 Volunteers First Impressions Winners:

#01 Melrose Hall Courtyard. Submitted by freshman student Elizabeth Price. Elizabeth submitted the courtyard because she believed the space could be a hub for student interaction and creativity where all would feel welcome. See the full submission here.

#02 Greve Hall Lobby & Elevator. Submitted by Director of First Year Studies Jason Mastrogiovanni who submitted the project on behalf of the Division of Academic Success and Transitions along with other colleagues in Greve. Jason suggested fresh paint, outdated signage removal and brightening up the elevator as part of this project. See the full submission here.

#03 Jessie Harris Building. Submitted by Michelle Childs, Lucy Simpson and Ann Fairhurst from Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism Management. The scope of their submission is updating the main entrance hallway to the building to it can be better utilized by students.See the full submission here.

#04 Buehler Hall Courtyard. Submitted by Johnny Jones, Technical Director, Department of Chemistry. Johnny submitted the space because the area is "barren." The couryard is located just outside of room 300 Buehler, which is a large lecture hall, and it could be utilized as a waiting space for students. See the full submission here.

#05 Tyson Alumni House Exterior. Submitted by Jessy Lawrence, Senior Director of Advancement Communications, Tyson Alumni Center on behalf of the center staff. The submission includes deep cleaning the front porch, entrance, and side porch of the building, painting the front porch, entrance, and side porch of the building, landscaping out front and along the side porch, and flower pots or plants at the entrance and on the side porch. See the full submission here.

#06 Art & Architecture Building Entrance. Submitted by junior Architecture student Brian Nachtrab on behalf of the College of Architecture + Design. Brian's submission included a face-lift to one of the main entrances to the building. He suggested refinishing the doors, pressure washing and painting. See the full submission here.

#07 Volunteer Hall Garage. Submitted by Michael Smith-Porter on behalf of Undergraduate Admissions, One Stop Student Services, Enrollment Management Communications, University Registrar, and the Office of the Vice Provost of Enrollment Management, and Mark Hairr on behalf of Parking & Transit Services. The submissions suggested painting the interior of the garage orange and adding graphics, cleaning the space, and brightening it up overall. See the full submission here.

#08 Breezeway between Austin Peay and Hesler Biology. Submitted by Elizabeth Derryberry, Assistant Professor - Ecology & Evolutionary Biology on behalf of the department, and Chris Boake, Assistant Dean & Professor - College of Arts & Sciences. The submissions included the installation of graphics on the breezeway windows to "welcome" people to campus and to protect birds. See the full submission here.

#09 Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science Lab Building. Submitted by Cody Harrison, Student Success Advisor – BESS. The submission includes the installation of electrical outlets and new blinds, cleaning the windows and new paint. See the full submission here.

#10 HPER Breezeway. Submitted by Danielle Johnson on behalf of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport Studies. The project submission includes upgrading the lighting throughout the space by replacing existing lights with brighter fixtures to increase safety. See the full submission here.

#11 McClung Tower Elevators. Submitted by Krista Wiegand, Associate Professor – Department of Political Science. The submission includes painting the outside doors of the elevators, updating the directory, and freshening up the elevators’ interiors. See the full submission here.

#12 Pathway behind Allan Jones. Submitted by Katherine Rose, Jordan Bailey, Rich Murphy, Derek Paul, Marshall Goldman, Jessica Brooks and Christopher Cooksey on behalf of the Allan Jones Aquatic Center. The project includes the installation of a concrete path from Volunteer Boulevard to the parking lot behind the Allan Jones Aquatic Center. See the full submission here.

Contest Information:

The Facilities Services Department would like to thank everyone who submitted a project idea to the 2019 Volunteers First Impressions Contest!

We received 107 total submissions from students, faculty, staff and visitors to the university.

Submitted projects included landscaping, graphics, painting, carpet, cleaning and more.

Our selection committee has chosen this year's winners and one will be announced each weekday March 4 through 15.

Entries were be judged on their overall impact to the campus community, ease of delivery, and scope is within the limit of $10,000 or less to complete. Winning entries were for for public spaces; private areas or offices were not considered. Entries also needed to demonstrate how they impact student, faculty, staff, or visitor first impressions at UT Knoxville.

Photos of winning projects can be found on all Facilities Services social media pages:

Facilities Services Twitter Account

Facilities Services Instagram Account

Facilities Services Facebook Account

All contest questions can be sent to to Anna Best at

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