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Volunteer First Impressions Contest

Click on photo to watch a video submission.

Vol 1st Impressions

Do you know of an area on campus that needs sprucing up? Facilities Services can help!The Volunteer First Impressions contest is for campus projects only. Projects typically include one or more of the following: carpet, paint, plants or landscape, signage or other similar items.

Entries will be judged on their overall impact to students and visitors as well as a scope within the limit of $10,000 or less to complete. Entries should be for public spaces; private areas or offices will not be considered. Entries should also demonstrate how they impact student, faculty, staff, or visitor first impressions at UT Knoxville.

Anyone can submit an entry for the contest and 10 winners will be chosen.

To enter you can do one of the following:
• Take two to five pictures of the area and submit a written statement on how fixing up this area will enhance campus life at UT Knoxville; or

• Send a quick video (limited to two minutes) taken on your smart phone to show Facilities Services the area involved and explain how this project will enhance campus life at UT Knoxville; or

• Submit a written statement on how fixing up this area will enhance campus life at
UT Knoxville

You can submit your entry in one of the following ways:

• Post your entry on the Facilities Services Twitter Account; or

• Post your entry on the Facilities Services Instagram Account

• Email Sam Jones Ledford at

Click HERE for examples of projects & general information.

Frequently Asked Questions:
How is the $10,000 to be used?
Winning submittals will receive up to $10,000 to be spent specifically with UT Facilities Services. It is not to be spent on salaries, furniture, IT equipment, etc.

Can you suggest two projects right next to each other in order to have a $20,000 project?
Yes. However, those submitting need to understand both projects may not be funded. Any suggestion needs to be able to be accomplished by itself regardless of whether other submissions are chosen.

Are any areas eligible? What about auxiliaries like Residence Halls, Athletics, etc?
Yes, any area or space is eligible as long as it is on campus.

What if your submission is not chosen? Will we find out why?
Yes. Facilities Services will respond to everyone who submits a project to the contest.

What if the project you submit is not chosen at this time? Will there be other opportunities?
The Facilities Services Department hopes to make this an annual competition.

If we do not know what $10,000 will buy how do we know our submission will be eligible? How do we estimate the cost of what would be required?
Those submitting do not need to estimate the potential cost. Facilities Services will do cost estimates for ideas submitted that are finalists. PLEASE submit any idea you have for consideration.