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Space Management Team


The Digital Assets Team provides ongoing support to Facilities Services and the University in creating, collecting, updating, managing and maintaining all digital information relating to the University’s physical environments, assets, and archived documentation. This team encompasses the following four disciplines:


The Space Inventory is the University’s official database of buildings and interior spaces. Through regular field checks and coordination with project managers, the Space group maintains floor plans of all UTK buildings, with room numbers, square footage, space use, and current assigned department. Maintaining accurate data is crucial to the University’s Administration, the State of Tennessee, and various Federal Agencies to support funding requests. Building floor plans are fed to our ARCHIBUS database and available to authorized users in the Building List.


A core component of our team is the archive of construction drawings, specifications, manuals and other closeout materials. We develop, maintain, and assist in the implementation of document management standards, document tagging and organization, and the refinement of contract language and procedures to improve the quality of Facilities records. Existing building and utilities information is available to students, faculty, staff, the administration, as well as contractors and design consultants.


Our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services include maintaining an enterprise system of spatially referenced data to support the primary mission of Facilities Services as well as coordinating data needs of other Departments on campus. This includes collecting, creating and maintaining spatial information of all assets on campus, as well as proving cartographic needs to all faculty, staff and students within the University.

We are responsible for ensuring the UTK base map, utilities and other critical datasets are maintained. We work with other Units within Facilities Services and other departments throughout UTK to provide custom map applications, systems and tools that rely on these geospatial systems. In addition, the data we maintain supports our interactive Campus Map, a web-based GIS map that contains information on all UTK’s buildings, parking, accessibility and other resources available on campus.


Our BIM initiative’s goal is to create a 3D model all existing buildings on campus that includes interior and exterior information to a level of detail suitable for providing critical building information to our staff. We strive to provide maintenance staff with data-rich BIM models and access to better and accurate information to mechanical equipment that would improve their ability to maintain assets throughout the university in a more efficient manner.

University Space Committee

The University Space Committee (USC) is responsible for implementing policies that promote the efficient and effective utilization of all UT space (including buildings and property).  The committee makes recommendations concerning the assignment, reassignment, classification, and reclassification of space, and the assignment or reassignment of administrative priority for centrally-scheduled spaces.  It reviews and makes recommendations concerning proposals for any modifications or renovations that may be desirable after space assignments or classifications are made or updated.  It also reviews existing space-related policies and recommends changes to these policies when needed.  The committee’s recommendations are advisory to the Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor, the Senior Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration, and the Vice Chancellor for Student Life.