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Energy Conservation


UT Knoxville has more than $30M in avoided utilities costs since 2002, and has been under budget in utilities by more than $5M each of the last five years.

Energy Management Program

Energy projects are identified and evaluated by the UT Knoxville Facilities Services Energy Task Force, with support from all areas of the department. Funding for energy projects is currently available via a newly established revolving fund, and institutional funds.

UT Knoxville is partnered with TVA in piloting the creation of an Energy Roadmap that will be used in other higher education institutions within the TVA service area.

Of its seven peer institutions, UT Knoxville ranks second lowest in energy consumption per square foot.

Contact:Terry Ledford, Energy Management Director
Phone:Phone: (865) 974-5346


Utility Meter Systems

UT Knoxville has a SCADA(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)system in place and has recently installed metering for electricity, water, and steam condensate on all buildings. This metering data will be captured and reported via a radio frequency collection system to eliminate the need for meters to be read manually.

The ultimate goal of this system is to improve the acquisition of data for energy management and to greatly reduce or eliminate the possibility of unscheduled outages due to better monitoring and system redundancy.

The data collection from the metering will be able to be analyzed for anomalies due to usage changes, or possible problems that can be identified and corrected more quickly.

Contact:Terry Ledford,Energy Management Director
PhonePhone: (865) 974-5346


Energy Champions

UT Knoxville Facilities Services Energy Task Force is the primary source for utilities saving projects. The task force also analyzes various system problems that may arise and will work together to find and implement solutions.

The department also oversees the energy related activities of the STAR Team, Student Environmental Initiatives Committee, and Office of Sustainability.
Contact:Terry Ledford,Energy Management Director
PhonePhone: (865) 974-5346