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A Successful Steam Outage Benefits All of Campus

Thanks to the quick and efficient work of our Utilities Services team and the cooperation of our campus community, UT Facilities Services was able to complete our second annual campus-wide steam outage ahead of schedule. Not only was the work completed earlier than projected, we were also able to complete additional tasks that will help maintain the steam line throughout the year.

From June 4-10, our Plumbing Services team completed the following:

  • Rebuilt pumps at Plant Biotech
  • Greased and sanded expansions and changed gaskets in the steam tunnel and the steam vaults
  • Exercised and greased valves
  • Repaired a leak in the penthouse on the 2nd floor at Vet Med
  • Installed 2 – 5″ valves on the condensate at the Student Union
  • Changed traps on the main lines
  • Packed valves and changed flex tubes
  • Changed steam traps on the main lines
  • Changed a valve at EESRB (formerly Ellington)
  • Weld leaking unions at Tickle Engineering

During the week, our Steam Plant crew completed the following:

  • Replaced conductivity controller on the #3 boiler
  • Replaced valves and two eroded lines to the dealkalizer tanks
  • Packed valves
  • Replaced a positioner on the #2 dealkalizer tank
  • Steam inlet valve on the #2 dealkalizer tank
  • Continuous blow down piping
  • 3″ recirculation valve gaskets on the DA tank
  • Installed a 6″ feed water crossover line
  • Replaced gaskets on the dealkalizer tanks
  • Replaced the blow down valve on the #5 boiler
  • Steam pressure transmitter on the main header

Electrical Services and A/C Services also assisted by replacing light bulbs in the steam tunnel as needed, conducting testing, replacing parts where needed, and providing support/installation of electric heaters in spaces like Mossman where research continued throughout the week.

While this was only the second annual campus-wide steam outage, these outages allow us to complete extra work that is difficult to address when campus is full during the academic year. The Volunteer Spirit was on full display as various crews jumped in to help where they were needed and our customers graciously found ways to accommodate this outage.

At present, steam has been restored, and we are already discussing ways to increase efficiency for next year’s outage. Dates for the 2023 outage will be sent out as soon as possible.