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Volunteer Blvd. Beautification Phase I

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Project Team

Campus Project Manager: Ted Murphy

Design/Construction: Ross Fowler

Contractor/CM:: Merit Construction

Project Description

The Volunteer Blvd. Campus Beautification Project Phase I will involve the section of the street from UT Drive to Pat Head Summitt Street.

The construction (hardscape) portion of this phase is slated to begin in late May after commencements and will be complete by August 17 before fall semester classes begin. Landscape components will be installed in this area from October to December 2016 during the peak planting season.

Improvements will include the installation of consistent roadway and pedestrian lighting, removal of on-street parking, creation of a shared bicycle/vehicular travel lane, incorporation of bio-swale for stormwater remediation, and the addition of streetscape with site furniture and crosswalks.

Raised pedestrian crossings, new pedestrian connections, and new accent crosswalks with concrete pavers will be added throughout the project area.

The 15-foot median will now be uniform throughout the street and will include new trees and shrubs. Additional landscape improvements will also be added to both sides of Volunteer including new trees, plants, site furniture, and pedestrian light poles with integrated Wi-Fi and security cameras.

Four lanes of traffic will remain on volunteer and the 11-foot shared vehicle/bike lanes will be designated as the right lane in each direction. Standard new signalization with traffic arms will also be installed.

Phase II of the Volunteer Blvd. Campus Beautification Project will begin March 13, 2017 with a completion date of August 2017 and will stretch from Pat Head Summitt Street to Peyton Manning Pass.

Project Status: Under Construction

Total Cost: $4,335,000

Start of Project: May 2016 (Phase I)

Completion: August 2017 (Phase II)