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UTFS COVID-19 Guidance & Signage


CDC Guidelines & Facilities Services

Consideration of CDC and COVID-19 Guidelines on Cleaning & Disinfecting

Consideration of CDC and ASHRAE Guidance on Ventilation


Signage Plan for Campus Spaces


In preparation for a phased reopening, supervisors and designated faculty/staff should evaluate and establish proper workspace social distancing controls in their respective areas. In all cases consider your internal and external customers as well as volume of foot traffic. Workspace controls should be regularly evaluated for effectiveness as more employees return to campus. Use the checklist linked here to establish and evaluate workspace controls for your units. This document also includes instructions on how to proceed if any of the boxes remain blank after completing your evaluation.

Facilities Services will hang signs at the following public locations in all buildings:

  • Signs inside each restroom stall and on each mirror
  • Signs inside each elevator
  • Sign in each elevator lobby
  • Signs at stairwell doors
  • Signs in main building lobbies and other main common areas
  • Signs and directional markings at retail and dining areas
  • Select classroom entrances

Building or office designees are responsible for making decisions and posting signage in the following types of locations:

  • Internal office lobbies
  • Internal office lounges
  • Kitchens or break rooms
  • Conference or meeting rooms
Signs to use in these spaces are available for download at occupancy signs are recommended for common spaces such as conference rooms and lounge spaces. Post a maximum capacity number for these spaces as a reminder to minimize the number of people in the room and to maintain proper social distancing.

To set the maximum capacity, please consider the normal configuration of each space and people’s ability to remain comfortably six feet from each other.

If supervisors determine that shared kitchens or break rooms can remain open, please post a maximum capacity sign in these rooms using the same method.

Signage should be adhered with painter’s tape or masking tape.


DO NOT USE duct tape or any other kind of tape or adhesive on doors, walls, or floors.


Facilities Services will install exterior sidewalk markings and signage as necessary. Please notify Facilities Services if there is a space that is not marked but could benefit from signage.

All floor markings and external sidewalk markings must be installed by Facilities Services to avoid damage to existing spaces. Please use painter’s tape for temporary markings and permanent markers will be installed as quickly as possible. See below for the request process.


Although all efforts have been made to cover public areas, this is a big campus. If you see a space that you feel needs installed signage or marking, a safety barrier or an exterior marking, please reach out to Facilities Services.

To request floor markings in your space, visit to submit a work order request. There will be a labor charge for the installation.
To request a physical barrier in your space, visit to submit a work order request. A design team member will schedule a site visit to determine needs and cost estimate. Recommendations may be made for using stanchion or a table to increase physical distance at the site.