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Volunteer First Impressions 2020 Contest Winners

The 2020 Volunteer First Impressions Contest was a great success! For the 2nd Annual contest, we received 63 total submissions from students, faculty, staff and visitors to the university. Submitted projects included landscaping, graphics, painting, carpet, cleaning and more.

Entries were judged on their overall impact to the campus community, ease of delivery, and scope is within the limit of $10,000 or less to complete. Winning entries were for public spaces; private areas or offices were not considered. Entries also needed to demonstrate how they impact student, faculty, staff, or visitor first impressions at UT Knoxville.

We are excited to announce that 15 public spaces submitted have been selected as winners of the 2020 VFI Contest and are projected to be completed for the start of the 2020-2021 school year in August!

An overview of each project and before pictures can be seen below:

Hodges/Melrose Courtyard –

Submitted by Tyler Schlandt, Libraries Facilities Project Manager, UT Libraries

The Hodges/Melrose Courtyard project will focus on the space between the second floor Hodges Library entrance and the north east corner of Melrose Hall to spruce up the area for all who visit. Improvements may include outdoor seating, paint/graphics and landscaping.

5th Floor Dunford Hall Elevator Lobby –

Submitted by Shana Antrican, Administrative Specialist, Institutional Research and Assessment

The main lobby will be updated to a more inviting space for students who visit the 5th floor of Dunford Hall. This elevator lobby will see fresh paint, new flooring and an overall friendlier vibe.

UTPD Lobby –

Submitted by Lindsey Miller, Sergeant Community Relations Unit for UTPD

The UTPD Lobby will be updated to welcome those who come in search of a safe space. Updates will include new furniture and fresh paint, among other upgrades.

Student Services Elevator Lobby –

Submitted by Donna Spencer, Senior Editor – Creative Communications and Michael Smith-Porter, Project Coordinator for the Division of Enrollment Management

The Student Services Elevator Lobby sees many visitors daily as it is the entryway to the Admissions Office. The project will aim to update the area to make it more inviting for visitors with fresh paint, improved signage and a look that better reflects the Volunteer spirit.

Stokely to A&A Path –

Submitted by Tate Hill, Student

Walking to and from class can take time on UT’s campus. Finding the path of least resistance can be beneficial for students. The Stokely to Art and Archiecture Path is one that has been worn out of convenience. This project will focus on creating a concrete path for students to safely reach their destination.

McCord Hall Improvements –

Submitted by Geneva Lewis Andrew, Facilities Services

McCord Hall is one of the landmark buildings of the UTAG campus. The project will  focus on updating the space and shining a light on the history of the building – a building home to one of campus’s favorite dining locations – Mabel’s.

Greve Hall Key Shop Entryway –

Submitted by Stacey Kitts, Key Shop – Facilities Services

The Greve Hall Key Shop Entryway is a high traffic area for students and faculty/staff. This area will be updated similarly to the Greve Hall Lobby on the South side of the building. These updates will include paint, flooring and possibly new fixtures.

McClung Museum –

Submitted by Katherine Brown & Makayla Harmon, McClung Museum Student Interns

McClung Museum is a public museum that sees more than 45,000 visitors yearly. This project will focus on the front entryway and landscape with the goal of increasing safety and accessibility.

Dabney Patio –

Submitted by Austin Hamilton, Student, FS Student Assistant

The Dabney Patio is a space often used by students in between class, eating lunch or visiting with a friend. This project will focus on making the space more inviting for those who choose to rest here. Upgrades could include new furniture near Ray’s Place.

Area Beneath Stokely Management Center (SMC) –

Submitted by Kerry Roehr, Technology Integration Services (TIS) for Haslam College of Business

The large concrete space below SMC, is the entryway to two large classrooms and is a space where students often gather before and after class. This project will focus on brightening up the space and creating a more inviting atmosphere for all who visit.

White Avenue Early Learning Center –

Submitter by Tina Goodacre, Business Manager for Early Learning Center for Research and Practice

The Early Learning Center is a quality care and learning environment for young children, pre-service teachers, and teacher educators. This project will focus on making the space brighter and more inviting for children and parents.

Office of Title IX –

Submitted by Laura R. Bryant, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Training & Evaluation

The Office of Title IX serves the University of Tennessee by ensuring access to education. This project will focus on improving the office’s outside space to make it more inviting for students.

Bailey Education Lobby –

Submitted by Bonnie Maples, Administrative Coordinator III, Instructional Services Center/College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences Web Manager

The Bailey Education lobby is the first area that students encounter when they come to the Office of Student Services & Advising. This project will focus on making the lobby inviting for students and be a welcoming area for them to do homework or study.

Student Health Entryway –

Submitted by Debbie Blair, Business Manager for the Student Health Center

The Student Health Center has a beautiful entryway with lots of natural light, but those windows could use some serious cleaning! We’re going to do our best to bring it back to its sparkling original condition while also sprucing up the landscape beds nearby.

Clarence Brown Concessions –

Submitted by Hana Sherman, Grants and Outreach Manager for Clarence Brown Theatre

The Clarence Brown Theatre is one of the most frequently visited locations on campus outside of athletics. Visitors come from all over to enjoy outstanding performances on the stage, but the concessions area in the lobby leaves a little to be desired. This project seeks to improve functionality while also upgrading the appearance of this area helping to make all of the theatre a better representation of the caliber of talent that calls this place home.