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Sam Jones Ledford

Communications Coordinator

Contact Information:

Phone: (865) 771-1531


Fax: (865) 974-7786


— Begin position of Communications Coordinator in August 2019

— Prior Experience: Oak Ridge Convention and Visitors Bureau.

— Other Experience: Knox Area Rescue Ministries, and the Roane Alliance.

— Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations & Organizational Communication from the University of Tennessee

The Communications Coordinator is a key position in Facilities Services as this position is often the “face” and “voice” of Facilities, telling our story to the greater campus community and keeping us relevant on all social media platforms. In addition to spreading our story, this position is also tasked with improving internal communications(Facilities Services Weekly,The Facilitator, and current news) whether it’s through written communiques, emails, in-person visits, or some other media, and improving morale (primarily through appreciation events and awards).

Chuck Thompson Outstanding Employees Award Nominations

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Thompson, son and daughter-in-law of a former Assistant Director of the Facilities Services Department, have established a $15,000 endowment with the University. The income from this endowment will be used to make two (2) annual cash incentive awards for non-exempt employees of the Facilities Services Department in the name of Charles F. (Chuck) Thompson. We, acting as a Committee appointed by the Associate Vice Chancellor of the Facilities Services Department, are using this memorandum as a means of informing you of the criteria for nominating a person for this award.

  1. Nominee must have a minimum of ten years service with the University of Tennessee.
  2. Demonstrated extraordinary dedication/determination/results in the course of his or her daily work or in a “special project” situation.

Vol First Impressions

The Volunteer First Impressions contest is for campus projects only. Projects typically include one or more of the following: carpet, paint, deep cleaning, plants or landscape, signage or other similar items.

Entries will be judged on their overall impact to the campus community, ease of delivery, and scope is within the limit of $10,000 or less to complete. Entries should be for public spaces; private areas or offices will not be considered. Entries should also demonstrate how they impact student, faculty, staff, or visitor first impressions at UT Knoxville.

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