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Accounts Receivable


The Business Services Office Mission

The mission of the FS Business Services Office is to record, bill and collect FS maintenance, repairs and service receivables while following set UT policies and standards for the administration and support of any and all UT Facilities Services maintenance, repair and services operations. The Business Service Office maintains related fiscal records for the Facilities Service Department while providing information, service and support to the University community.

Accounts receivable represent debts owed to Facilities Services for maintenance, repairs, rentals and services provided to auxiliaries, departments, groups or individuals surrounding the University of Tennessee’s Knoxville Campus. These debts are considered short term and are normally expected to be paid to the university within 30 days after the Service Requests are completed.


Billings for Facilities Services can be broken down into three categories: Auxiliary Charges, Departmental Charges and Project Charges

Auxiliary charges are the maintenance and repairs for auxiliary entities outside of the University’s standard academic infrastructure: the Athletic Department, College of Veterinary Medicine, ETREC, University Housing, fraternities and sororities are just a few auxiliaries that are provided maintenance by the Facilities Services team. Facilities Services provides shop services to systems (i.e., mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems), the exterior envelope of the building, and all attached components within the building (i.e., flooring, carpeting). These repairs are necessary to keep the building operating efficiently and safely. Certain items such as painting, carpet and tile replacement, and window air conditioner replacement are performed on established cycles. All expenses related to this work are billed (or invoiced) to the maintenance and operating Cost Centers or entity that has been established for each auxiliary.
Examples of these maintenance and services charges would be:

  • Toilets, sinks and water fountain repair
  • Fire safety system repairs (smoke detectors, fire alarms, elevator systems and sprinkler systems)
  • Electrical outlet and lighting repairs
  • Locks and door closers repair
  • Damaged floor and ceiling tiles
  • Repair to built-in cold rooms and lab ancillary equipment
  • Maintenance and replacement of existing HVAC units (including chillers)
  • Repairs to shades, blinds and drapes
  • Landscape maintenance services (mowing, irrigation systems maintenance, lawn care, etc.)
  • Requested custodial services for events and programs
  • Pest control services
  • Asbestos abatement inspections and services

Departmental charges are the maintenance and repairs of departmentally owned equipment and furniture, or maintenance services provided within departmental spaces. All expenses related to this type of work are the responsibility of the requesting department and will require a valid Cost Center to be submitted when the Service Request is made. Examples of departmental charges are:

  • Key duplication (including doors, filing cabinets, cabinets, etc.)
  • Assembly and installation of unattached furniture
  • Locks and door closers repair (due to damage)
  • Repairs to shades or blinds
  • Hauling and disposal of large, unwanted items
  • Moving of boxes or materials from storage to the department
  • Repairs to departmental equipment
  • Installation of wall shelving, white boards, monitors, etc.
  • Off cycle painting or flooring replacement
  • Meeting space set-ups (tables, chairs, podiums, microphones, etc.)
  • Requested custodial services for events and programs
  • Enhancements or changes to existing building infrastructure that support changes in the department’s space program (moving of cubicles, cabinetry, etc)
A Service Request may be entered by accessing the link provided here:

Project charges constitutes the design, construction and repairs within a specific department or location on the Knoxville campus. A project is identified by the request (i.e. renovation, alteration, or improvements to facilities; painting or decorating; new carpet installation, fabrication of cabinets, shelves, and other miscellaneous items; installation of specialized equipment; design and project management services or cost estimating…) and generally involves several Facilities Services’ Teams or Shops to complete the work. Projects at the University of Tennessee are generally divided into two main categories: Capital Projects and Non-Capital Projects.

Capital Projects include new construction, renovations, alterations or enhancements to buildings over $100,000. Financing may come from within a school/department and or central funding, but may come from other sources such as gifts to the university or fund-raising events.

Non-Capital Projects include renovations, alterations or enhancements to buildings LESS THAN $100,000.

  • Financing for Non-Capital Projects generally comes from within a school or department. Funding must be approved prior to the start of the construction process.
Estimate requests can be entered at the Facilities Services web-site using this link.


Payment Type – Internal Transfers

Facilities Services Work Requests for department and certain auxiliary charges are billed weekly from Archibus using internal transfers into IRIS.

Campus financial officers will receive email notifications from Archibus, directing them to logon to Archibus ( and approve or reject any chargeable service requests that Facilities Services receives before work is started. By empowering campus departments to review chargeable service requests before any work begins, we hope to facilitate better fiscal awareness and to prevent any unexpected charges that may impact campus budgets.

Payment Type – Cash or Check

The FS Business Service Office also accepts payments for auxiliary accounts via cash or check. Payments (to Facilities Services) may be made to the University of Tennessee by mail at the following address:

The University of Tennessee
Facilities Services Complex
2040 Sutherland Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37996-3010

Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. If you have questions about Accounts Receivable, please contact the Business Services Office at (865) 974-7790.