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Plumbing & Heating Services


Plumbing & Heating Services performs routine, periodic utility maintenance on domestic water systems (including sewers), low pressure distribution systems within buildings, and storm sewers. It also provides special project services.

Services Provided Includes:

  • Responding to emergencies, such as burst pipes.
  • Monthly rodding of main sewer lines at University Housing and Food Services.
  • Periodic cleaning and lubrication of blending valves.
  • Periodic cleaning of steam traps and water reducing stations.
  • Periodic cleaning of steam traps and water reducing stations.
  • Periodic lubrication and operation of fire hydrants, sprinkler, and hose systems.
  • Periodic cleaning and maintenance of circulating, condensate return and sump pumps.
  • Installation and replacement of restroom fixtures
  • Insulation of pipes within buildings and underground.
  • Replacement of large hot water tanks with small instantaneous steam heaters
  • High pressure steam distribution system.

Water Fountains:

Plumbing & Heating Services is responsible for the maintenance of water fountains. All water fountains are tested regularly. No water fountains in university buildings are of the type(s) which have been found to leach heavy metals into the drinking water.