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Chuck Thompson Awards


2022 Chuck Thompson Award Winners

The Awards:

In honor of former Assistant Director of Facilities Services, Charles F. (Chuck) Thompson, his son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Thompson, established an endowment with the University of Tennessee specifically designated for two annual cash-incentive awards for non-exempt employees of our department.

Every year, two awards are given, one from the skilled craft areas and one from the clerical, services and support areas, and each recipient must have at least 10 years of service with the university. This year, 40 people were nominated across a total of 79 nominations, and it is the consensus of the committee that the winning individuals embody the very spirit of these awards.





The person who was chosen for the 2022 Chuck Thompson Award in Crafts is someone who leads by example. He is commended for his hard work, talent and expertise in all he accomplishes.

He is constantly looking for ways to improve upon each project, often suggesting more efficient and less costly alternatives. Customers across campus sing his praises for just how quickly and concisely his crew is able to complete a project. He makes himself available as a resource to our customers, and he always finds a way to move the project forward.

His work is beautifully executed, and his crew trusts him wholeheartedly. Many who report to him say that his leadership and work ethic motivate them to meet his expectations. Throughout the pandemic, this man led his team through installation of safety features across campus without a single complaint.

While he isn’t the type to seek awards or accolades, his commitment to UT Facilities Services deserves recognition. For nearly 14 years in Facilities Services, he has supported our Construction Services unit through thick and thin.  His name, work and reputation speak volumes to all who know him.

The 2022 Chuck Thompson Award goes to Mr. Mike Duncan, Construction Services Foreman.




The Service/Clerical winner of the 2022 Chuck Thompson Award is someone who is equally known for his hard work and good attitude. He is rarely without a smile, and he is friendly to all he encounters.

This individual leads with integrity and goes to great lengths to make sure his team reflects well on their unit, our department, and UT as a whole. His wealth of knowledge, compassion for people, positive attitude and approachable nature are incredible assets to our department, and we are made better for knowing him.

He is here early, and he often stays late just to make sure campus is in top shape. Throughout his time at UT, he has completed transformational work and continues to do so through sun, rain, sleet and snow.

His 11 years of service are marked by a heart for and commitment to UT that are contagious to all around him.

I am proud to present this 2022 Chuck Thompson Award to Jacob Capps, Turf Management Foreman, Landscape Services.