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Building Finishes provides a diverse range of services directed toward special projects, routine maintenance and upgrading facilities. Services provided include: building or demolishing walls; installing or removing windows and doors; repairing floors, walls, ceilings, windows and doors; installing whiteboards, glass boards, chalkboards and corkboards, forming, pouring and refinishing concrete walls, steps and retaining walls; laying blocks, brick and stone; repairing concrete sidewalks and other walking surfaces; installation and repair of cubicle furniture and work furniture; and the installation of new exterior building signage and Cone Zone signage.

Building Finishes also oversees Painting & Sign Services which includes a crew of room painters as well as a crew that is responsible for exterior signage and interior signage through the UT campus.

Accessibility for the Disabled:

Building Finishes coordinates curb cuts in streets and sidewalks, installation of ramps, lever handles, visual alarm systems and other devices. The team also organizes construction or maintenance services required for appropriate accessibility for the disabled. The Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities Services is a member of the various campus committees which generally oversee accessibility for disabled individuals. For information about these programs, contact the Associate Vice Chancellor.

Painting Services:

Building Finishes oversees a crew of room painters who perform 99% of the maintenance painting for all public areas in all campus buildings. Painting Services is also responsible for the repair and finish of sheetrock and interior/exterior plaster. The group also sandblasts and pressure washes buildings and hardscape on grounds. For painting questions contact Building Finishes at 974-7764.

Sign Services:

The Facilities Operations Sign Shop is responsible for exterior signage and interior signage throughout the UT campus. They also specialize in engraving for desk plates and room identification plates. The Sign Shop has the ability to make banners for any occasion. For those specialty jobs, they can also provide customer letters and graphics to fit your needs. For sign questions contact Sign Services at 974-6821.