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Johnson Ward Pedestrian Mall Extension



Project Team

Campus Project Manager: Ted Murphy & Bethany Morris

Design/Construction: IBI Placemaking

Contractor/CM: Johnson & Galyon Construction

Project Description

The Johnson Ward Pedestrian Mall Extension project involves the conversion of Andy Holt Ave. from a vehicular roadway to a pedestrian mall. Portions of Pat Head Summitt Street and Melrose Place that connect to Andy Holt Avenue are to be included. The mall extension will continue with a contemporary design that differs aesthetically from that of the original segment. The mall will create engaging spaces that promote social gathering and interaction along the corridor for both large and small groups. Both active and passive spaces will exist for studying and provide a respite from the stresses of college life. The mall extension will incorporate stormwater infrastructure improvements. A dedicated bike lane will run the length of the project. A dedicated, controlled access, eastbound only lane will be provided for UT transit vehicles along with delivery trucks to access the loading docks of Fred Brown Hall and the new Dining Hall facility. Several transit stops will be provided along the corridor. Other site furnishings to be provided are the campus standard light fixtures, seating, and litter receptacles. Wi-Fi coverage will be provided from end to end.

Project Status: Construction for phase 1 will start January 2020. Phase 1 includes mall improvements from the end of the existing mall, west to a point between Pat Head Summitt Street and Frances Street. Phase 1 will include work on Melrose Place and Pat Head Summitt Street.

Total Cost: $2.5M

Start of Project: January 2020

Expected Completion: Hardscape Improvements-August 2020 & Planting-January 2021