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About Us


WHY (our purpose) – We’re VOLunteers, part of UT’s family

As part of the UT Family, we share a unified belief in our campus’ Vol Vision, the “Volunteer Difference,” and providing a quality education for all. We all live in a hyper-connected, highly inter-dependent world, where knowledge is the most important currency. Increasing educational attainment by a single grade level boosts lifetime income by 10-20 percent for girls, and 5-15 percent for boys. A global increase in attainment by just four grade levels could increase global economic demand by 50 percent or more. A better educated world is also a healthier world, a better steward of our planet; and, with low educational attainment among the strongest predictors of violence, a safer world. In a better-educated world, everyone benefits.

Facilities Services strives to advance that educated world by maintaining and optimizing the physical resources and environments of this campus. Our number one priority is to create and maintain a clean, safe environment for students to study, faculty to teach, and staff to work. Our buildings protect us from the elements and give us a congregation point for academic, social, and economic advancement.

Our campus is also home to many of the region’s oldest buildings, as well as its newest and most modernized. Maintaining this mix of historic and modern buildings contributes tremendously, if not defines, the character of our campus. They also convey an image of a solid, lasting institution appealing to students, parents, faculty, and staff alike. Our iconic historic buildings are often what alumni think of as they remember the campus. Along with beautiful, manicured landscapes and research-minded functionality, a properly maintained campus allow us to recruit the brightest, most talented students and faculty, while also increasing property values within the region. Newly constructed facilities meet the growing demands of research and education while stimulating local jobs and economies throughout their investment, and they also utilize the most sophisticated building systems to optimize space, energy use, and security.

HOW (competitive edge) – Dedication & commitment to customers and campus

Our employees are the University’s greatest fans. They take pride in maintaining our campus buildings as well as the surrounding grounds and landscapes. They are vested in the University and want it to be the cleanest, safest, and most beautiful campus it can be.

Our department has the largest staff on campus, with a cumulative knowledge-base and experience of over 5,500 years.

Our staff are loyal, with an average length of service of 10 years, and we have over 120 employees currently with 20+ years of service.

We are also the most visible staff on campus with our distinctive gray & orange uniforms and bright photo-identifying badges. We stand out to make ourselves available to the campus community and strive daily to make this university a showcase campus, tirelessly working and increasing our standards to reach top 25.
Our customer satisfaction is 98% satisfied or above, with our availability 24/7/365 days each year, obtainable through either our online service request system (Archibus) or by phone through our “One Call” number (946-7777).

WHAT (course of action) – Our services

Virtually any facility or grounds related service can be obtained through the Facilities Services Department. Services directly related to the continuous operation of the overall facilities are provided without charge. Special services for which Facilities Services is not budgeted are provided through a charge to the requesting unit. For the most updated version of the complete service guide, click here.

How to Obtain Services:

For general maintenance services, service is obtained by utilizing the online Archibus or calling the Facilities Services One Call number at 946-7777. Requests for special services are made by means of the Special Projects Work Request Form (PP-28 Form). Both these items are explained in more detail in the Service Requests Section of the Facilities Services Web site. For additional questions contact the One Call Number for assistance.

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In the News

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