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Service Guide


Virtually any facility or grounds related service can be obtained through the Facilities Services Department. Services directly related to the continuous operation of the overall facilities are provided without charge. Special services for which Facilities Services is not budgeted are provided through a charge to the requesting unit. For the most updated version of the complete service guide, click here.

No Charge Services

No Charge Services

  • Maintenance and repair of building structures and their installed heating, ventilating, air conditioning, electrical, fire protection, conveying, gas, plumbing, and sewer systems
  • Maintenance and repair of campus street lighting systems
  • Maintenance painting of interior and exterior surfaces when funds are available
  • Basic, scheduled custodial services, pest control, refuse collection/disposal, and recycling services
  • Maintenance and repair of basic classroom furniture and furnishings, such as window shades and Venetian blinds, seats, lecterns, chalkboards, and white boards
  • Utilities services to State general fund supported University facilities
  • Maintenance of walks, roads, drainage and care of lawns, gardens, trees, and shrubs
  • General architectural and engineering consultation when not in conjunction with special services listed below
  • Building Services snow removal at campus buildings during regular shifts
  • Football Games: Kick Off Cleanup and Tailgate Recycling
  • Setups at the International House and Baker Center
  • Classroom setups across campus
  • Service and maintain compressed air and vacuum systems used by campus laboratories
  • Provide service and repairs to laboratory environmental growth chambers and cold rooms
  • Provide service and repair to process chilled water loops serving laboratories areas of campus
  • Install, maintain, and repair all campus building environmental control systems for occupant comfort. Mechanical, pneumatic, and electronic systems are all covered by the control team
  • Maintain and service campus steam heat exchangers that supply hydronic heating water to campus buildings
  • Provide service and support to repair and maintain various laboratory equipment on request
  • Provide refrigerant removal services to discarded and surplused air conditioning and refrigeration equipment before being sent to re-cycling
  • Provide ventilation test, balance, and certification services to campus laboratory animal facilities to help them maintain yearly accreditation
  • Provide repair service for through the wall P-TAC A/C units in campus buildings
  • Provide service and repairs to chilled and heating water loops serving campus building
  • Furnish chemical water treatment support to chilled and heating water loops serving campus buildings
  • Provide technical assistance to design groups and contractors for capital projects and new building construction
  • Review submittals and drawings for new building construction or renovations
  • Estimating for projects and work orders
  • Service and repair of large and small hydronic and air cooled chillers and related equipment
  • Service and repair for small split system electric air conditioning, and gas fired equipment
  • Boiler maintenance, repair and replacement for individual building systems

No Charge FS Campus Programs

The following programs and services are offered by Facilities Services personnel to the campus community at no charge. While customers cannot order these specific services, they are provided frequently to benefit the campus as a whole.

Communications & Information Services:

      • Sustainability Programs offered to students, faculty and staff
Facilities Fundamentals Workshops open to all faculty and staff
• Production and distribution of the Facilities DIY Series
• Management and distribution of the campus Building Representative List and the Emergency Contact Building Representative List for UTPD

Special Services

Special Services: (charges will apply to the requesting unit)

  • Maintenance and repair of special classroom and laboratory equipment, special lighting or sound systems, office furniture, office furnishings, and other University property under the care of the requesting unit.
  • Installation of equipment, including white boards, as well as painting or decorating beyond the level provided under basic maintenance budgets
  • Services required to set up for special events (except registration and Commencement)
  • Renovation, alteration, or improvements to facilities, and estimating of the cost of special projects
  • Services of outside architects or engineers required for a special project or an estimate, and Design and project management services
  • Special custodial or refuse disposal services
  • Transfer and hauling services
  • Services to University auxiliaries, York Veterinary Teaching Hospital, or other University units not supported by the State general fund budget
  • Maintenance of parking lots and lights

How to Obtain Services

How to Obtain Services:

• General maintenance service can be requested in the Archibus system or by calling the Facilities Services One Call number at 946-7777.
• Requests for minor Construction Projects for which you do not desire to receive a Cost Estimate can also be requested in the Archibus system.
• To request a Cost Estimate for a Construction Project please click here to fill out the Estimate Request Form , then email the completed form to

For our Staff, Please navigate to our Hub for internal information.