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Changes to Facilities Services Operations

FS Structural and Operational Changes

In an effort to provide better communication and support to our ever-growing campus, Facilities Services has undergone recent changes in organizational structure and operation. With the approval of Interim Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration, Allen Bolton, Facilities Services has created four new positions to aid in improving overall department management. This includes three new Assistant Vice Chancellor positions and one Executive Director position.

The creation of these new roles will streamline Associate Vice Chancellor Mike Brady’s number of direct reports as these new roles will assume responsibility over existing directorates. In addition, two existing positions have been reclassified to better serve campus as the Director of Capital Construction and the Director of Space Management.

In order to streamline this transition, Brady worked with campus HR and the Office of Equity and Diversity to receive approval in appointing existing Facilities Services staff members to three of the aforementioned positions. Derek Bailey, formerly the Director of Zone Maintenance, will serve as the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Operations. Sheree Spoons, formerly the Director of Administrative & Support Services, will serve as the Executive Director of Facilities Administrative Services. And Maria Martinez, formerly our BIM/GIS coordinator, will serve as the Director of Space Management. As a consensus, all entities agree that the institutional knowledge and experience possessed by these three individuals are critical to the ultimate success of the positions, and that the time spent advertising and competing the positions would negatively impact the reorganization efforts and would not result in better candidates.

Hiring efforts are underway for the Director of Zone Maintenance and the Director of Administrative & Support Services positions, and hiring for the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Facilities Planning & Design, the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Facilities Construction, and the Director of Capital Construction positions will begin soon.

Each of these changes comes after much thought and consideration as we look to the future of the flagship campus and the role Facilities Services plays in supporting and empowering learning, research, innovation, and collaboration.

FS Operations Unit Changes & Roles

In addition to staffing changes and in response to an increased demand for services, our Operations unit is making changes to better serve our campus. As such, the sub-units formerly known as Sanitation Safety and Rapid Response Team are changing their names and providing clarifying information on the services provided.

Pest Services

Sanitation Safety is now separated out into Pest Services and Environmental Services. Pest Services is led by a State of Tennessee licensed Commercial Pest Control Operator and Certified Basic Wildlife Control Operator. Each of the technicians within this team are State Certified Applicators, and the department has nearly 90 years of combined pest control experience.

Services provided by this team include insect, rodent, termite, wildlife, odor, and biological control. There are monitoring and preventive services scheduled on all buildings,  but if additional services are needed, campus customers should call the Facilities Services One Call Number at 946-7777. If there are conditions or problems requiring special care or procedures, customers are encouraged to contact the Assistant Director of Operations Randy Hamilton at 974-8161.

Environmental Services

Environmental Services coordinates asbestos, lead, and microbial growth abatement, and oversees the restoration and insurance-related concerns resulting from these events as well as fire and flood events. We are state licensed in Abatement Design, Monitoring, Inspection and Supervision, as well as microbial detection and remediation. Additionally, this team coordinates the mitigation and restoration services during and throughout the process of fire, flood and microbial events across campus via two (or more as needed) State Contractors. Environmental Services maintains and updates a database of samples taken from buildings across campus to determine the presence and location of asbestos containing materials. The Environmental Services sub-unit coordinates abatement for renovation purposes, maintenance projects, and demolitions being conducted by the Facilities Services department, and as requested by Facilities Planning.  Additionally, this team coordinates the mitigation and restoration services during and throughout the process of fire, flood and microbial events across campus.

Inquiries should be directed to the Assistant Director of Operations, Randy Hamilton at 974-8161 or the Director of Facilities Operations, Jason Cottrell at 974-3486.

Moving & Event Services

The sub-unit formerly known as the Rapid Response Team will now be aptly named Moving and Event Services. Moving and Event Services provides services for the University and Auxiliaries throughout campus. These services include:

  • Set up for registration, commencements, SGA elections, classrooms, and special events
  • Transfer and hauling of campus assets
  • Coordination planning and moving of office furniture and equipment
  • Arrangements for large moves and heavy items are coordinated through Moving and Event Services in conjunction with (or contracted with) commercial professionals

Specific questions can be directed to the Supervisor of Event & Moving Services, Chris Mabe at 974-3486.

Organizational Charts

See below for a graphic representation of previous and current org charts. To enlarge, click on the text directly above each chart.


Previous Org Chart:

Copy of FS Org Chart


New Org Chart:

Facilities Services Org Chart (07-01-23)