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Direct Bill of Airfare & Rental Car

Fees Paid Directly by the University

Registration fees can be paid directly to the vendor by submission of an itemized invoice from a conference, seminar, etc. or via the Pre-Payment Conference/Seminar Registration Fee Form (T-30). To initiate payment, an approved Travel Expense Report must be in the IRIS Travel system with the expense type “Reg/Conf/Train Company Paid” showing the amount of the registration and any items included with the registration fee. The BSO will make this entry in IRIS on the Travel Expense Report (T-3) and record the trip number on the Form T-30 or vendor invoice.

  1. When an invoice is used, the invoice must be billed to the university and contain (1) the name of the individual attending the conference, (2) date and location of the conference, and (3) an itemization of all items included in the fee. If on-line registration requires a user id and password, please include the appropriate conference log-in information on the invoice. Before scanning and submitting into the IRIS Travel system, the invoice should be coded as normal and approved by the department head or designee. Also, please note the invoice can be processed either before or after the conference. Please send the original invoice and any attachments to Business Services Office for IRIS entry.
  2. When the T-30 is used, the form must be submitted and scanned in the IRIS Travel by BSO system at least ten (10) working days before the payment deadline. The T-30 should have documentation (i.e., brochure) attached to support the cost of the registration fee, conference dates and location, and must specify the amenities included (for example, lodging, meals, membership fee). If on-line registration requires a user id and password, please include the appropriate conference log-in information on the T-30. Also, if any additional enclosures need to be included with the payment, please be sure and include them with your documents. Please keep this time frame and required information in when requesting pre-payment of conference or registration fees.

Fees Paid by and Reimbursed to the Employee:

Registration fees may be paid with personal funds either in advance or at the conference site. This expense can be reimbursed via a Travel Expense Report (T-3) upon completion of the trip. An itemized receipt for the registration must be attached to the printed Travel Expense Report (T-3). Please provide this receipt to BSO.

Payment of Meals and Lodging:

In some instances, lodging and all meals may be included in a registration fee. In these cases, the following criteria must be met:

  • The lodging and meals must be part of a package arrangement and listed on the registration
  • Both the registration fee and lodging/meal fee must be made payable to the same vendor.
  • All meals, banquets, or proceedings to be paid by the university must be directly related to the official purpose of the conference.
  • For meals purchased at an event, an itemized receipt must be obtained from the association, the listed below. The employee should claim meals actual on their expense report instead of the per diem.
  • Expenses included in the registration fee of a personal nature are not reimbursable (e.g., golfing fees, bus and/or historical tours, theater and sporting event tickets).

Upon submission of expenses for reimbursement, all meals provided with the registration will be deducted from the meal per diem.

NOTE:Per Jonee Daniels-Lindstrom’s e-mail dated 09/09/09, when an individual is not in travel status and a fee is required for on-line training, or local training for Excel, Word, etc., the fee should be paid from 449100 and can be paid via the department. This type of payment can be made with a department procurement card. See F10705)97.b.

For more information about Pre-Payment Conference/Seminar Registration Fees, please see Fiscal Policy FI0705. If you still need assistance or have questions, please contact Richard Johnson at 974-7794 or