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How UT Facilities Services is Combating COVID-19

As the Chancellor has announced the campus Return to Work plan, Facilities Services is doing its part to provide proper training to employees while providing protective gear and enhanced cleaning services in spaces where employees are returning to their assigned workspaces.

What We’re Doing:

All of our team throughout Facilities Services is extensively trained in the use and mandatory requirements of PPE. Building Services employees have been safely working throughout the pandemic to provide enhanced cleaning and special sanitization in an effort to kill germs and maintain cleanliness. Since 2012, this team has operated according to CDC guidance on appropriate measures for cleaning and sanitization. In 2018, we introduced the Clorox Total 360 system into our cleaning regimen which sprays hydrostatically charged sanitizing solution onto all sides of hard and soft surfaces therefore killing 99% of germs.

Building Services is also comprehensively trained on COVID-19 and the cleaning protocols required to battle it. Our team is well versed on how to recognize and frequently disinfect touch points including, but not limited to: elevator buttons, door handles, light switches, restroom fixtures, etc.

As an added level of protection, our Zone Maintenance team is constantly evaluating COVID-19 and HVAC systems in terms of filtration, humidity, ventilation, etc. at the building level. With CDC guidance in mind, we’re working to establish the best achievable balance to create the safest environment we can. Filter changes will occur as needed this summer, and a complete filter change is scheduled prior to the fall semester so that we’ll have completely fresh filtration as students return and campus staff is back to full force.

Facilities Services takes great pride in the efforts we’ve undertaken to prevent an outbreak here on campus, but we need all staff to do their part.
All campus employees who return to work on site will be provided a face covering and sanitization materials for their office/workspace. You will be expected to wear this face covering whenever proper social distancing is not possible. Please use the provided disinfectant spray and paper towels to clean and sanitize frequently touched surfaces as an added measure of protection alongside the work Building Services is already doing. If we all continue washing our hands frequently, respecting social distance and complying with the above requests, we believe campus will continue to be a safe, healthy environment for all.