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Deferred Maintenance


Cost Savings Target (-7% of baseline)

UT System: During his tenure as the University’s President, Joe DiPietro’s Reallocation Plan redirected 6% of each area’s budget toward more strategic goals. $25M will be earmarked for deferred maintenance needs.

UT Knoxville: UT Knoxville has a five-year plan to address deferred maintenance. The campus has two SBC approved projects totaling $23.5M to address deferred maintenance.

Contact: Derek Bailey, Zone Maintenance Director
Phone: (865) 659-6377


UT Knoxville Deferred Maintenance Information

Former President DiPietro and the Board of Trustees at that time gave each system campus specific goals for funding deferred maintenance. Each campus had developed a five-year deferred maintenance plan.

The UT Knoxville plan will address building envelope needs first, followed by HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems.

UT Knoxville has SBC approved institutionally funded projects for deferred maintenance. More than $20M in approved SBC projects with another $15M proposed from the president’s reallocation plan.

Contact: Derek Bailey, Zone Maintenance Director
Phone: (865) 659-6377



Recent Renovation Projects

The cost of recent campus renovations totals more than $13M. These projects include Humanities classrooms ($1M), Henson Hall ($2.5M), Perkins Hall ($1M), Ferris Hall ($2.2M), SERF ($2.1M), Circle Park ($1.5M), Lake Loudoun ($1.2M), Austin Peay ($0.5M), 11th Street Garage Bridge and sidewalks ($1.5M), and Dougherty Engineering: Sixth Floor ($1.3M), Unit Ops Renovation ($0.8M), and Lab 324 ($0.4M).

Contact:Roger McDonald, Construction Services Director
Phone: (865) 771-0546


Roofing Projects

More than 170 re-roofings have been completed, with 28 still in progress. The cost for completing all roofs is estimated to be $35M. Projects in progress and completed include shingled, built-up, tile, slate, and liquid-type roofs.

Contact: Roger McDonald, Construction Services Director
Phone: (865) 771-0546