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Service Standards


Customer Satisfaction

UT Knoxville Facilities Services customer service is above our ninety percent approval goal. Customer satisfaction was 94% for work orders completed in 2014.

An annual customer satisfaction survey is also conducted through the Facilities Services Department. The overall satisfaction average was 4.31 on a five-point scale which translates to “Highly Satisfied.” Of the customers surveyed, 96% indicated they were neutral, satisfied, highly satisfied or extremely satisfied, with 58% of those surveyed indicating they were “Extremely Satisfied” (the highest ranking available).

Contact: Kevin Garland, Communications & Information Services Director
Phone: (865) 214-7898



The Special Team to Assist Research is a specialized team responsible for providing a more focused service function to the research community. This is accomplished by assisting new researchers with changes in programming requirements and assisting existing researchers with day-to-day problems that may arise.

This team also took over the responsibility for the TVA Energy Road Map which includes energy auditing of buildings, and is leading the way to predictive maintenance techniques with vibration analysis, shaft alignment, and thermal analysis.

Contact: Derek Bailey, Zone Maintenance Director
Phone: (865) 659-6377


One Call

UT Knoxville Facilities Services provides maintenance coverage on the UT Knoxville Main and Agricultural campuses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This service was created using re-purposed positions.

Customers can call the Facilities Services One Call Line and be in touch with someone who will either be able to remedy or stabilize a problem. Monitoring exists on various critical equipment that will initiate alarms to texts, emails, and cell.

Contact: Derek Bailey, Zone Maintenance Director
Phone: (865) 659-6377


Zone Maintenance Inspections

Building inspections encompass several different levels. Three foremen have primary duties of inspecting the condition of buildings and employee performance. Senior-level employees are used in this initiative in order to provide on-the-spot training should any deficiency arise.

Contact: Derek Bailey, Zone Maintenance Director
Phone: (865) 659-6377


Building Services Inspections

The Building Services office has two full time inspectors. These individuals inspect all campus buildings on a monthly basis and complete reports detailing cleaning quality and maintenance needs. These reports are submitted to the director of Facilities Operations, the assistant director of Building Services, the Zone Maintenance unit, and to appropriate supervisors.

Contact: Jason Cottrell, Facilities Operations Director
Phone: (865) 974-3486


Landscape Services Inspections

The Landscape Manager, Turf Manager, and Arborist work as a team to ensure consistent landscape quality is achieved and maintained on a daily basis throughout campus. This team focuses toward improving quality and preserving campus aesthetics by:

  • Establishing maintenance thresholds in each zone of campus
  • Coaching landscape crews in the field on a daily basis
  • Training personnel on standardized horticulture practices
  • Coordinating materials and processes required to execute landscape improvement projects
  • Monitoring and evaluating performance of landscape crews daily/weekly
  • Performing quarterly quality progress reports for each maintenance zone
Contact: Jason Cottrell, Facilities Operations Director
Phone: (865) 974-3486


Rapid Response Team (RRT)

Rapid Response Team is responsible for setup and teardown of special events on campus. This includes delivery and setup of tables, chairs, stages, and containers for recycling and trash. In 2014 more than 720 work requests were performed by RRT.

Spring Cleanup is a special event held for 15 weeks annually as an effort to declutter academic buildings by relocating items no longer needed. Staff from RRT work building by building to help simplify the process. In 2014, 24,600 cubic feet of material was recycled, taken to surplus, or disposed of at C&D Landfill.

RRT performs whole building relocations and office relocations. New building moves consist of complete “move-in” of equipment, furniture, supplies, and personnel into facilities.

In addition, RRT performs moves of unwanted items to the Surplus Warehouse from offices and buildings, is responsible for the installation and maintenance of street banners for the Main and Agricultural campuses, and performs classroom “cleanouts.”

Contact: Jason Cottrell, Facilities Operations Director
Phone: (865) 974-3486


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