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If you work or study in a major research facility on campus, you can join your building’s Listserv to get the latest news and updates regarding construction and renovation, outages, and anything else you need to know.

A complete directory of campus LISTSERVs to which you may subscribe is available here. To sign up for a LISTSERV, click on a link below.

Building LISTSERVs

•  Art & Architecture

•  Aquatic Center

•  BEES (Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science)

•  Claxton Complex

•  Communications and University Extension Building

•  Dabney-Buehler

•  Dougherty Engineering

•  Earth & Planetary Science

•  Ellington Plant Science

•  Ferris Hall

•  Food Safety

•  AG Campus Greenhouses

•  Hesler Biology Greenhouses

•  HPER (Health, Physical Education, and Recreation)

•  JARTU (Johnson Animal Research and Teaching Unit)

•  Jessie Harris

•  Kingston Pike Building

•  McCord Hall

•  Min H. Kao Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

•  Neyland Dr. Biology Annex

•  Nielsen Physics

•  Pasqua Nuclear Engineering

•  Perkins Hall

•  Plant Biotechnology

•  Senter Hall

•  SERF (Science & Engineering Research Facility)

•  Sports Bubble

•  Stokely Management Center

•  TANDEC (Textiles and Nonwovens Development Center)

•  TRECS (Student Recreational and Fitness Center)

•  Walters Life Science

•  W. Allan Jones Aquatic Center

•  White Ave. Biology Annex


•  Facilities Services Alerts

•  Downed Equipment

•  Accessibility